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Icon Post

Hi guys. I saw that you allowed icon posts here, so I decided I'd share a couple I played around with yesterday. I haven't been doing icons for a long time, but I hope that you like them anyway and I'd appreciate your comments. =)

15 icons in total.
[x] 6 Jeffrey Buttle
[x] 4 Evgeni Plushenko
[x] 5 Miscellaneous

So...Evgeni teasers:

1.      2.

  1.        2.         3.        4.        5.
  6.        7.         8.        9.      10.
 11.      12.      13.      14.      15.

Notes: The last two Buttle icons (as well as the last Plushenko icon) were the product of me simply playing around. I don't particularly like them but I just put them on here anyway. Oh, and none of these icons are bases. I used for the last five icons and the first 10 are the result of a Google search.

Please comment, credit angelic_dreams (the code for this: <lj user="angelic_dreams" />), and don't hotlink! 

Thanks, and enjoy!

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