emccourt06 (emccourt06) wrote in e_plushenko,


Hey!  My name's Emmy and I just recently joined this community but I've been a fan of Evgeni's for quite awhile.  I've recently seen him perform twice (Marshall's Figure Skating Showcase in South Carolina and Champions on Ice in Boston).  When I went to South Carolina and saw the show there I actually stayed at the same hotel as all of the figure skaters and met Evgeni!!!  I was very nervous and shaky but he was sooooo nice, although I think I confused him a bit with my blubbering.  I kept thanking him repeatedly and telling him how awesome he is and how I think he's a great person and he's my idol and all this stuff.  Actually it was funny because he was about to go out with Michelle Kwan and Maxim and Maxim started laughing at me a little because I was so nervous (he apologized for that later though when I checked out of the hotel at the same time as him...).  So ya basically that made my life and then soon after I got to see him perform again at COI!  The Marshalls event was all no flash photography but I got some pictures at COI so I figured I would post them.  Unfortunately my computer has been broken and I am posting from a friend's so I only can post pictures from the opening right now.  Hope you like them...it was a great show!

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