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Evgeni Plushenko icons [27 Feb 2010|05:55pm]

Some icons of everyone's favourite figure skater! ^_^

(21) - Evgeni Plushenko icons


( More icons here! )

Cross-posted @ evgenyplushenko & olympic_icons

[25 Feb 2007|11:41am]
(you may delete this if it's not allowed)

Please join skater_stills, an icontest for your favorite skaters!


[20 Feb 2007|07:56pm]
Icon Post

[12]Evgeni Plushenko
[06]Evan Lysacek
[18]Jeffrey Buttle

Teasers:Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Over here @ my graphics journal tree_of_iron

Evgeny casts back to the FS World [05 Dec 2006|11:20pm]
In the last WFS report, they announced that Evgeny P. is setting up his own tour (in Russia) & plans to come back the next FS season, targeting to defend his Olympic title in 2010.

Passion Still Lives Here !

*cross-posted at evgenyplushenko*
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Great Website [26 Sep 2006|08:47pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey everyone. So I'm back again because I found a new website (surprise, surprise) that's dedicated solely to Evgeni. But this is a very good website for anyone who wants great photos, a collection of videos, some audio, interviews, biography, and the whole works. You can find everything related to Plushenko here.

The website is named: King on Ice. (And may I add, rightly so.)

And to leave you all a little gift:

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Sex Bomb [24 Sep 2006|02:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm sorry but I couldn't resist. 
This totally made my day. 
[ [ [Rating: PG 13 ] ] ]
Don't say I didn't warn you.

S E X  B O M B

I wonder how many seniors they had to rush out in ambulances?
But oh my, that's Evgeni in all of his gala performance glory.
I love it. 

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[03 Sep 2006|06:15am]

Ok, i just died and went to heaven...

Evgeni interviewing Alexei on Russian Stars On Ice Show

E: Alyosha, how are you feeling?
A: I'm much better now
E: So, my friend, are you ready to go from singles skating to pairs?
A: You know Zhenya, i've been dreaming about this my whole life and finally my dream has come true.
E: ... Seriously?? Maybe we'll dance together, ah?

& Winter performance, fluffs, & above interview

for those who don't know, Russian Stars on Ice is a "Skating with Celebrities" type of show.
Alexei is competing and Evgeni is the host (& Tatiana Tarasova is judging) it's pretty awesome.
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:O [17 Aug 2006|09:07pm]

So, my grandma was in America recently, staying in Los Gatos with my Uncle. And where did she go, all on her own? I'll tell you. She went to see Champions on Ice!!! Plushy was there and Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan, Evan Lysack, Stephan Lambiel, Johnny Weir. You probably all know the cast, but I can't believe my grandma saw them for real! And here I was back in Scotland while my grandma was watching Evgeni Plushenko skate! Very unfair, but I'm so happy for her that she got to go. She'd have loved it!!

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Icon Post [17 Aug 2006|09:06am]
[ mood | busy ]

Hi guys. I saw that you allowed icon posts here, so I decided I'd share a couple I played around with yesterday. I haven't been doing icons for a long time, but I hope that you like them anyway and I'd appreciate your comments. =)

15 icons in total.
[x] 6 Jeffrey Buttle
[x] 4 Evgeni Plushenko
[x] 5 Miscellaneous

So...Evgeni teasers:

1.      2.

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New Member [16 Aug 2006|02:26pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I just wanted to say hi. I'm a new member here and a crazy fan of Evegni Plushenko. I think he is absolutely amazing (and flawless, may I add!) and I just love everything he does on ice. I hope that I can contribute to this community. =)

Thanks and I guess that's all for now.

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Icons [07 Aug 2006|07:49am]

x. credit
x. comment
x. no hot linking
x. blanks are not bases
x. enjoy!

teasers: i'm your main target come and help me ignite owCollapse )
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[28 Jun 2006|06:33pm]

Article on Russian and a lot of photos:

My favourite one:

Intresting quote: "I may go to the next Olimpic Games in Vancover. It's lucky city for me. First time I've won world Championship there. Maybe I'll go, if I'm healthy and do new quad jump. I wanna be in figure skating history with new quad jump.
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[18 Jun 2006|05:05pm]

One more photo from St.Petersburg's birthday:
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EVGENI'S BABY [16 Jun 2006|04:26am]

[ mood | Excited ]

Hello to all.

I just read on Evgeni Plushenko's website that his baby was born on June fifteenth. It's a boy. More information can b found on his site: evgeniplushenko.net.

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INTRODUCTION [15 Jun 2006|03:43am]

[ mood | Good ]

Hello to all.

I'm Ashley. I am a huge fan of Evgeni Plushenko. I love his skating and his musicality. I have met him on several occasions. I am a figure skater as well. I look forward to contributing and meeting others from this group.

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[28 May 2006|10:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello EveryOne !

Here some stuff to illuminate Off FS Time! (&above all for many of us that can't go to see COI!)

*First, I propose you some Fashion Photos with Yevgeny! [*giggles* -...hum, sorry!- :D] In these ones, he vas another hair style, whom is rather adorkable ! & the Photos' Set is very sensually romanticist ... [0_o]...

=> Thx You to Patineuse88 for this stuff! She has an interesting blog about Yevgeny (but in french.. yet, don't be deceived, her comments are short & fanatic, so.. *lol*) with a lot of articles' scans !

*...& Following moscowwriter's post (& even I still don't have understand all the occurence! *lol*), HERE a video about St Petersburg's Birthday -celebrated 26/05 'til 28/05- & Yevgeny elected King of the City for the Day (which day  on the three ones I don't know... ^^' ) !!    >=+Notice : The Video Is An ASF File +=

**! Have a Good Night, My Friends !**

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icons and videos [28 May 2006|07:26pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I uploaded these because one of my friends wanted both of Evgeni's Olympics 2006 SP and LP, but it's kind of wasted if it's only downloaded once and I spent so much time uploading. So maybe someone might have use for it here.

Olympics 2006 LP the Godfather.wmv (83594 KB)

Olympics 2006 SP Tosca (english commentary, NBC).wmva) (65969 KB)

I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but if it is, give me a yell and I will take it down at once.


+5 Quotes from Waywalker/Timekeeper
+6 Quotes from The Dark Flight Down
+3 Mao Asada
+10 Evgeni Plushenko
+4 Gundam Seed/Destiny
+5 Harry Potter
+4 Manga

Banners/FO Banners

+3 Harry Potter


=40 in all

(fake cut)

Crossposted to evgenyplushenko.

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[27 May 2006|09:16pm]


Evgeny is the king of St. Petersburg!
Today is the birthday of St. Petersburg. And during this day Evgeny can govern this city.
The picture from Russian TV:

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interview [22 May 2006|09:46am]

I don't believe this has been posted in this community yet....recent interview I found the link to in another figure skating community



pictures [21 May 2006|08:41pm]


Hey!  My name's Emmy and I just recently joined this community but I've been a fan of Evgeni's for quite awhile.  I've recently seen him perform twice (Marshall's Figure Skating Showcase in South Carolina and Champions on Ice in Boston).  When I went to South Carolina and saw the show there I actually stayed at the same hotel as all of the figure skaters and met Evgeni!!!  I was very nervous and shaky but he was sooooo nice, although I think I confused him a bit with my blubbering.  I kept thanking him repeatedly and telling him how awesome he is and how I think he's a great person and he's my idol and all this stuff.  Actually it was funny because he was about to go out with Michelle Kwan and Maxim and Maxim started laughing at me a little because I was so nervous (he apologized for that later though when I checked out of the hotel at the same time as him...).  So ya basically that made my life and then soon after I got to see him perform again at COI!  The Marshalls event was all no flash photography but I got some pictures at COI so I figured I would post them.  Unfortunately my computer has been broken and I am posting from a friend's so I only can post pictures from the opening right now.  Hope you like them...it was a great show!

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