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Icon Post

Hi guys. I saw that you allowed icon posts here, so I decided I'd share a couple I played around with yesterday. I haven't been doing icons for a long time, but I hope that you like them anyway and I'd appreciate your comments. =)

15 icons in total.
[x] 6 Jeffrey Buttle
[x] 4 Evgeni Plushenko
[x] 5 Miscellaneous

So...Evgeni teasers:

1.      2.

  1.        2.         3.        4.        5.
  6.        7.         8.        9.      10.
 11.      12.      13.      14.      15.

Notes: The last two Buttle icons (as well as the last Plushenko icon) were the product of me simply playing around. I don't particularly like them but I just put them on here anyway. Oh, and none of these icons are bases. I used for the last five icons and the first 10 are the result of a Google search.

Please comment, credit angelic_dreams (the code for this: <lj user="angelic_dreams" />), and don't hotlink! 

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Very pretty, especiall 4 and 7! ^__^
Thank you very much! =)
I especially like number 7 too. ;)
Very nice! I really like 6 and 8! xx
Thank you! ^-^

By the way, I really love your Bale icon. Batman Begins was one of the best movies ever and he is an amazing (not to mention handsome) actor! =)
thanks. Bale is amazing! I just love him, he's so talented and handsome!!!
Wheee Baleness! *goes all giggly* xx
Hehee =)
I think you might want to check this out then:
Look at both pages. Some are funny, some are cute, some are creepy, some are old, but most are just generally Bale being the handsome man that he is. Two pages of Bale goodness in photos. =) Hope you like.
:O thank you!!! xx