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Hello EveryOne !

Here some stuff to illuminate Off FS Time! (&above all for many of us that can't go to see COI!)

*First, I propose you some Fashion Photos with Yevgeny! [*giggles* -...hum, sorry!- :D] In these ones, he vas another hair style, whom is rather adorkable ! & the Photos' Set is very sensually romanticist ... [0_o]...

=> Thx You to Patineuse88 for this stuff! She has an interesting blog about Yevgeny (but in french.. yet, don't be deceived, her comments are short & fanatic, so.. *lol*) with a lot of articles' scans !

*...& Following moscowwriter's post (& even I still don't have understand all the occurence! *lol*), HERE a video about St Petersburg's Birthday -celebrated 26/05 'til 28/05- & Yevgeny elected King of the City for the Day (which day  on the three ones I don't know... ^^' ) !!    >=+Notice : The Video Is An ASF File +=

**! Have a Good Night, My Friends !**
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